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THE BOWSPRING METHOD: An Introduction With Desi Springer & John Friend (US)

Desi Springer is the innovator of the Bowspring method, a cutting-edge postural system. Desi often refers to the Bowspring practice as movement medicine for radiant health and a technology for awakening. Through her focus on cultivating accountability, mindfulness, and compassion, Desi devotes her life to increasing her self-awareness, knowledge, and capacity to serve to increase harmony, happiness and health on a global level.

John Friend has taught yoga for 38 years, presenting more than 800 yoga seminars in over 30 countries to tens of thousands of students. He founded Anusara yoga in 1997, and then co-created the Bowspring method with Desi Springer in 2013. He loves to share his many years of studies of philosophy, physics and mind-body health with independent-thinking students.

The Program

Shining the Power of Radiant Heart
The Bowspring is a universal postural template that optimizes any movement — yoga, athletics, or simply moving around in our daily life — for greater lightness, agility, ease, and power. The primary alignment of the Bowspring is Radiant Heart, which is an expansion of the ribcage and opening of the heart in all directions. This inner expansion of a positive attitude for life brings a lightness to all poses. Specific alignment of the fingers and hands in the Bowspring will also be covered in this introductory class to help better open the shoulders in any pose, and to give therapy for the elbows and wrists.

Building a Superior Posterior
The Bowspring alignment is outstanding for building up the glutes, and giving a spring-loaded power to the hips. With mounding glutes you can mightily root down into the Earth in order to maximize extension and length in the spine. Our roots are our hips, legs and feet, which are actively engaged in all Bowspring dynamic poses. With strong, uplifted glutes we can powerfully root down to walk, run, jump or move around during our day with greater lightness and ease.

Take Flight with the Bowspring The Bowspring method integrates all the main parts of the body — ribcage (Heart), shoulders, arms, and hands (Wings), hips, legs, and feet (Roots), waist and neck (Spools), and head (Crown) — into a unified dynamic posture for optimal strength, lightness, ease of movement. The focus of this session is on bringing balance and synergy to our Wings – shoulders, arms, and hands.

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