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THE BOWSPRING EXPERIENCE With Desi Springer & John Friend (US)

Desi Springer is the innovator of the Bowspring method, a cutting-edge postural system. Desi often refers to the Bowspring practice as movement medicine for radiant health and a technology for awakening. Through her focus on cultivating accountability, mindfulness, and compassion, Desi devotes her life to increasing her self-awareness, knowledge, and capacity to serve to increase harmony, happiness and health on a global level.

John Friend has taught yoga for 38 years, presenting more than 800 yoga seminars in over 30 countries to tens of thousands of students. He founded Anusara yoga in 1997, and then co-created the Bowspring method with Desi Springer in 2013. He loves to share his many years of studies of philosophy, physics and mind-body health with independent-thinking students.

The Bowspring is a universal postural template for optimizing any movement or posture — yoga, athletics, and especially moving around in our daily life—for greater lightness, agility, ease, and power. This mind-body practice also offers a transformative shift in self-knowing to reveal a lifelong path toward harmony and vibrant health.

Saturday 14 July, 2018 - 09:30 → 12:30, 14:00 → 17:00
The Seeds
Learn the most elemental forms and movements of the Bowspring method through a set postural sequence called the Seeds, which unveils unconscious postural patterns and helps to realign all key areas of the body for optimal health.

Sunday 15 July, 2018 - 09:30 - 12:30, 14:00 → 17:00
Deepening the Bowspring
Go deeper with the Bowspring practice and experience a new level of mind-body dynamic balance. The Bowspring method integrates a mindfulness training with the cultivation of compassion and accountability to help each of us create our own individual destiny. Through the Bowspring practice students can expect to cultivate increased:

• Self-awareness, sensory perception and mental focus
• Compassion, patience, and courage
• Inner strength and courage to look at our unconscious mind-body habitual patterns
• Stress management and control of nervous system reactivity
• Authentic confidence and self-respect
• Uniform muscle tone on all parts of the body
• Tapering waistline and mounded glutes
• Lightness, agility, springy power

→ registration:
→ price: 1 session: 45 euro, 1 day (2 sessions): 85 euro, full weekend (4 sessions): 135 euro, complete program including 'The Bowspring Method: An Introduction' (7 sessions): 255 euro
→ payment: IBAN BE83 0016 4497 6015
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