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Embracing Emotions Through Aruna Yoga With Nicki Forman

Embracing Emotions through Aruna Yoga: Learning to befriend our emotions and open into the freedom present in the core of our emotions.

Aruna Yoga is a syncretic yoga practice derived from various yogic lineages. It employs a combination of yoga and emotional work with attention to yoga psychology. Through yoga techniques and technologies, it uses movements of the body (postures), attention to breathing exercises, concentration and meditation to develop a vaster awareness capable of accelerating the healing process. Aruna Yoga aids detoxification, accesses and releases emotions and provides a mind-body support system to assist healing. Aruna Yoga is premised on self-enquiry, and cultivates self-awareness and inner connection in order to access and amplify the body’s natural healing ability.

Aruna Yoga focuses on bringing the practitioner to a state of inner connection, releasing emotional blocks and accessing the innate and infinite healing capacity that is available within. It invites application into every aspect of life and is based on living yoga consciousness and embodying it beyond the yoga mat.

In this workshop at AntwerpYoga, we will explore the nature of our emotions and what is really possible when we let out feeling free! We will learn how to free blocked emotions through the practice of Aruna Yoga and connect to our true nature as freedom! The workshop is open to all levels. No prior yoga practice or physical ability is required.

With Nicki Forman

Nicki Forman began her career as a lawyer and then academic at the Universiteit Antwerpen, changing direction to study yoga. She has over two decades of experience in teaching various forms of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga. She began teaching yoga in Antwerp when the practice of yoga was still in its infancy and taught for some years at AntwerpYoga! Nicki founded (what is now) Radiant Light Yoga and was the first to bring Kundalini Yoga into Antwerp. In 2011, Nicki moved to Israel where she now lives and teaches.

She is an internationally accredited yoga teacher in various yogic lineages, a Journey Practitioner, and the founder of Aruna Yoga. Nicki has developed accredited yoga teacher training programs and offers Aruna Yoga immersions, retreats and workshops around the world. Her focus is on applying yoga as a conscious and healthy way of life, liberating blocked emotions and activating our innate healing capacity.

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