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Thai Massage Course with Gabriel (Gabe) Azoulay

With Gabriel (Gabe) Azoulay

In 2005 Gabe set out to India, and on recommendation from a friend, he stopped in Thailand to study Thai Massage. His intention was to be a better adjuster. He never expected that meeting Master Pichest Boothume would change the direction of his life. On the first day of łclass˛ at Pichest garage, which looked like a temple, Pichest turned to the room after an hour of prayer and said: “what does a yogi do?”. For Gabe, the question was shocking, considering this was Thai Massage. The answer would shock him more. “A Yogi sits, a yogi feels.” For Pichest Boonthume, Thai Massage is a meditation practice, like a yoga practice. Gabe has spent the last 10 years working to share what he continues to learn with every visit back to Pichest. He teaches Thai Massage and his YouTube videos have been watched by more than 1 million people.

In this Thai Massage course, or Thai Yoga Massage you will learn:

  • how Thai Massage is a yoga practice for YOUR BODY!
  • a 60 minute sequence you can utilize to improve the range of motion in the body of your student and your own body.
  • principles of movement and awareness to be utilized when adjusting, doing table massage or connecting to other people (with or without touch!)

When learning Thai Massage people tend to focus on the client. Yet Thai Massage is actually a practice for the giver as well as the receiver. By learning proper mechanisms, proper attention awareness, and what movements go together, and for what reasons, you will be able to understand why Thai Massage is such a powerful contributor for health in the body. You will learn the history and evolution of Thai Massage through the physician of the Buddha, Dr. Kumar Baccha, also known as the father of medicine in Thailand.

This training is supported with digital material in the form of recorded sequence for easy memorization, and step-by-step manual.

→ registration:
→ address: Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp
→ price: Early Bird (before 28/2) 175€ , normal 210€
→ payment: IBAN BE83 0016 4497 6015
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