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Yin Yoga (Teacher)Training With Gabriel Azoulay

Where Yin Yoga is possibly the fastest growing trend in the Yoga world, it is often confused with restorative, or “easy” style of yoga. Far from it!

Learn why Yin is so crucial in helping you break through your physical barriers, how Yin educates the body about the subtle energy inside, and what makes Yin Yoga so transformative to any physical or yoga practice.

In this training you will learn more than just the history and philosophy behind this modern practice (which is based on ancient martial arts principles):

  • Discover what is the “Yin Principle” and how to apply it to daily life and practice.
  • Meridian theory and how it relates to Western Anatomy.
  • The power of correct sequencing – how to build sequences for hips, knees and low back.
  • The beauty of spiritual humour and how to weave it into your practice.

Gabe has been teaching Yin Yoga since 2000 and is heavily influenced by both Paul Grilley and Paulie Zink, though his years with Thai Massage have provided him with the insight into the deeper results that happen when working the connective tissue. Gabe shares Thai Massage principles in how they enhance appreciation of Yin Yoga.

Gabe’s Book: ‘How Yin Yoga Healed My Student’s Knee’ shares how Gabe’s guidance helped his student recover from a knee injury. The student who was a massage therapist had other ideas about why the pain was happening, and Gabe’s suggestion that the root of the pain was elsewhere both surprised the student, yet she decided to explore Gabe’s ideas. Together they wrote the book to highlight the importance of Yin, and the power of correct sequencing.

The Yin Yoga Training consists of 20 contact hours.
The Yin Yoga TeacherTraining consists of 20 contact hours, 30 hrs online training and coaching by Gabriel Azoulay. You will receive a 50hrs Yoga Alliance Certificate.

With Gabriel (Gabe) Azoulay

Inspired by Osho’s words ‘laughter is the language of the Gods’ Gabriel (GabeYoga) Azoulay teachings are grounded in the depth of Yoga Philosophy, yet filled with modern day tips, insights and loads of laughter. With over 25 years of teaching and practicing, Gabe has lived in Mysore, spent months studying Thai Massage with Master Pichest Boonthume in Thailand, and has written countless articles and a few books to help enrich the community and support students.

→ registration:
→ address: Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp
→ price Yin Yoga Training: Early Bird (before 30/1) 395€, normal price 450€
→ price Yin Yoga TeacherTraining: Early Bird (before 30/1) 595€, normal price 650€
→ payment: IBAN BE83 0016 4497 6015
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