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Saturday 20 January, 2018 - 9:30 → 12:30
THE PULSE OF PRANA!: Awaken the Pulse of Your Life Force

Experience the fullness of your aliveness now! Prana is your life energy, also called Chi. Awakening and harmonizing the flow of this energy in your body and mind is one of the greatest gifts of yoga. Simon offers his unique teachings to transmit the experience of energetic activation. Experience the power of dynamic breathwork to awaken and balance the Vayus, the 5 winds of Prana, so you feel grounded, centred, radiant, and alive. Energize your yoga practice as you learn to move on the energy of the breath. As you open to the flow of Prana, you will feel energized and balanced. Come and experience the pulse of Prana in all your cells. We will apply these energy activation techniques to yoga poses and sequences to feel their effect on energizing our yoga practice.

Saturday 20 January, 2018 - 14:00 → 17:00
POWER & GRACE: XL Vinyasa Yoga Masterclass

Explore the fundamentals of Flow and energetic alignment during this XL Vinyasa yoga masterclass. Flow effortlessly through the poses and transitions, riding the wave of the breath as we dive into a wonderful sequence in which we balance yoga poses (asana) with dynamic breathwork (pranayama) and guided meditations. Learn to cultivate the inner support to flow effortlessly with fluidity and grace. This yoga sequence unfolds organically in progressive cycles, taking you deeper into juicy hip-openers and heart-opening backbends in an empowering sequence to release blockages, build strength, flexibility and the confidence to follow the way of your heart!

Sunday 21 January, 2018 - 9:30 → 12:30
SUNDAY MORNING SAHAJA: Movement Meditation, Dynamic Breathwork and Ecstatic Flow Yoga
Take your yoga ‘out of the box’ and enjoy a magical journey inspired by the movement based practices of Sahaja, the wonderful Tantrik teachings that changed the course of Yoga history with their profound doctrine of ‘living spontaneously and being vibrantly alive’. Simon will open the session with a sequence of dynamic breathwork to awaken the experience of Spanda, the universal pulse of energy and the flow of the life-force Prana through all the cells of your body. Move from your breath as your body softens and opens. Explore your fluid nature as we dive into a movement based Sahaja yoga sequence, moving beyond the yoga poses and into the space of ecstatic flow. Take your yoga off the mat and ease into a moving meditation, as you explore your natural sense of pleasure through movement. We will close the session with a sublime exploration of the inner dance, inspired by the tradition of Kashmiri Tandava. This will be accompanied by mantras and we close with a healing sound bath and relaxation.

Sunday 21 January, 2018 - 14:00 → 17:00
SHANTI VINYASA: Slow, Gentle, Yin… in Flow!

Simon will offer his unique Shanti vinyasa teachings of the gentler, lunar practice of yoga, movement meditation and breathwork. Open to the healing flow of gentle nourishing movements, mudras and postures. Experience the somatic intelligence of softer breath, guided movement to relax your outer mind and nourish your nervous system through the grounding, harmonizing effects. As we dive deeper into our Shanti lunar flow we will close the sequence by exploring the sweet serenity of Yin Flow yoga, a gracious form of relaxation and meditation .. in flow. Deepen your inner connection as you dive within to access the inner wisdom of your heart, supported by deeply nourishing music and closing savasana with a healing sound bath. Relax, release, let go and let flow.

With Simon John Rowe (UK)

Simon Rowe is a senior Vinyasa Yoga teacher trainer based in Amsterdam. He is co-creator of the Pranalovers Vinyasa Expert 300 hrs Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training. Simon has more than 30 years of experience studying movement based practices from multiple sources including the arts, somatic bodywork and yoga. He has several yoga certifications and has followed more than 500 hours of Prana Vinyasa teacher training as taught by Shiva Rea, based in Los Angeles. He is currently deepening his studies in Yoga philosophy, Tantra, and movement meditation. As a lover of life, nature and the spirit of freedom, Simon enjoys travelling around the world studying as well as teaching masterclasses,workshops and retreats.

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