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Primal Flow with Nianna Bray

Nianna Bray (US/NZ)

Nianna Bray is an international yoga and meditation teacher from Santa Monica, CA. Currently living in New Zealand she is celebrating 20 years of practice. Throughout her global travel adventures she has touched the hearts of many and inspires health, happiness and authentic connection everywhere she goes. Her comprehensive study with master teachers of diverse methods of yoga, dance and healing arts in the US and India has given rise to her thoughtful translation and dissemination of ancient wisdom in modern times. 'Yoga found me at a time when I was really young and searching for meaning, answers and a way out of my teenage angst, pain and confusion. Throughout the years I continued to explore different paths yet yoga claimed me. Even now I believe my life and work as a yoga teacher has chosen me. Yoga gave me something to hold onto in a chaotic world where nothing made sense. And since my very first class yoga has been my rock, my constant, my lover, my teacher and friend on the path of self-realization, freedom and integration. I trust yoga and I trust that if you are curious and courageous enough yoga and your own listening will answer your questions and usher you to truth. Learn more at

"Nianna is a goddess with beauty, brains and soul." - Erich Shiffmann

Primal Flow

The noise of the outer world often drowns out our inner voice and our ability to listen deeply, leaving us confused, exhausted and in pain. The demands of daily life can leave us little time to fortify our physical, mental and emotional body. Our spiritual practice can be experienced as an inner fortress, an internal space where we take refuge and cultivate the energy necessary to do our work in the world, our dharma.

In this practice Nianna will offer you new insights into dynamic postural alignment based on tensegrity, biodynamics and new understanding of fascia that will encourage supple healthy movement and function. Life is an unstoppable force. Learn to align with this life force and become a master of your own life. Come and tap into your deepest most authentic reservoir of strength, focus, and clarity. Once you realize that the only way out is in you enter fully into life and share your gifts. Trust the emergence & come and join us.

All sessions include lecture, Q&A, and will cover: back, shoulder and other joint pains, functional & fluid alignment in flow, fascial Lines, tensegrity, healthy back bends, natural movement vs normal movement, ...

session 1: The Power of the Arch - sat 09:30-12.30

We will look at what is normal vs natural, the evolution of postural yoga and how relevant it is in todays rapidly changing world of modern yoga. We will examine healthy movement of joints of the knees, hips, shoulders and spine.

session 2: Fascia and Biotensegrity - sat 14.00-17.00

We will discover myofascial line and directionality, learn how biotensegrity is changing how we understand postural alignment and explore movements that exercises, activate and embody this new understanding.

session 3: The Psoas - sun 09.30-12.30

Time to move away from pain and toward a healthful posture and way of being in the world. We will look at the relationship between the psoas and emotions. We will look at the anatomical relationship between the psoas and the glutes and what this has to do with healthy posture and emotional wellness.

session 4: Supple Back Bends - sun 14.00-17.00

We will activate and awaken the posterior chain for dynamism, vitality, confidence and radiance. Back bends done differently will revolutionize they way you move in your yoga practice and life

Date: Saturday 01/04/2017 & Sunday 02/04/2017

Address: AntwerpYoga, Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp


Price: Individual Session: 45Euro, full day (2ses.): 80 Euro, Weekend Package (4 ses.): 125 Euro

Payment: IBAN BE83 0016 4497 6015 - BIC GEBABEBB

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