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ROLL & RELEASE YOGA With Alexander De Waele

With Alexander De Waele (BE)

Before yoga Alexander was into sports, with a strong love for martial arts and never expecting to be practicing yoga. It was a severe injury which led him to the yoga studio. During his first class he immediately, and intuitively, felt that this time around his injury would be healed.

Before Yoga became a way of life, Alexander had several jobs that allowed him to travel. He made incredible journeys traveling around the world, met inspiring people and it brought him closer to getting to know international yoga studio’s and teachers. The practice of yoga is what kept him grounded while traveling. What yoga continues to bring Alexander is a sense of profound peace and deep mental clarity. Alexander completed trainings with David Lurey and Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, and continues learning on a regular base when abroad. Straightforwardly, he passes on what inspires, feeds and touches him.

Roll and release yoga is a pathway to healing, flexibility, letting go of tensions and pains, letting go of emotional energy that cause suffering, it is simple and for everyone!

We use “tools” like tennis balls and blocks to massage and manipulate the miofascial tissue, a membrane within that holds our energy body, emotional body and is the number two cause of inflexibility and tension. Sometimes through emotional traumas, physical injuries, overuse of muscles, lack of movement and just life in general, this membrane can hold tensions causing us suffering and pain.

In this session you will learn how to liberate yourself from physical tension and improve the mobility of the joints quickly and efficiently. Roll and release yoga is a quick and powerful solution to all these situations and after a session you will feel more energetic, more flexible in the body and free from mental and physical tensions.

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