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With Magnus Ringberg (SE)

Magnus Ringberg is a physiotherapist from Sweden and an experienced yoga teacher with broad knowledge about how to explore and challenge movement. He travels around the world teaching classes, workshops and trainings. With an extensive background from yoga, garuda and functional training methods, he can offer sessions that are rooted in applied anatomy and physiology. Magnus’ goal is to create more possibilities within yourself. He is known for his playful and positive approach and has been an appreciated guest teacher at Antwerp Yoga many times.

Friday 17 November, 2017 - 18:30 → 20:00
Magnus’ vinyasa yoga technique inspires you to connect with the space within yourself, exploring 360 degrees of possibilities. The class style is fluid and initiates from basic asana that evolves and builds up gradually into unique full-on thoughtful sequences. The technique emphases active articulations around the joint complexes, from which you will experience undulation from the front, back, side, rotational and inverted body.

Saturday 18 November, 2017 09:30 → 12:30 & 14:00 → 17:00
Splendid Spine
Learn how to guide the body in three dimensional space and experience undulation, articulations and wave like motion around the spine. Practice will build up from slow fluid movement loops into a full-on sequence that explores your total body awareness and connection with your midline. How can you support yourself from the inside? What kind of thoughts and communication can be helpful? This is one day workshop that will update your knowledge about the spine and what kind of asanas that is helpful to develop resilience.

Sunday 19 November, 2017 09:30 → 12:30 & 14:00 → 17:00
The Art of Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing
How do you choose your asanas and how do you puzzle them together? In this workshop Magnus will teach you how to focus on what really matters and how you can keep it simple and sharp. Learn how to create a way of sequencing that will support the practice in a present, sustainable and healthy way. Everything is linked together and everything will interact. Explore, adapt and be open for playful and curious movement variability.

→ registration:
→ price: masterclass 25 euro, 1 day 85 euro, weekend 135 euro (masterclass included)
→ payment: IBAN BE83 0016 4497 6015
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