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07/05 - Acro Yoga with Ted Sikström

The workshop
When are we “too old” to try something new? Never. In acro yoga we explore new ways of connecting to our bodies, our breath and to other people. Building it up from the ground, slowly, we will go through the basics of how to base (support a person with your hands/feet), fly (stay suspended in the air with the help of the base’s hands/feet) and spot (the helper always ready to lend a hand, but never in the way).
Apart from the acrobatic side of acro yoga there is also a therapeutic practice we will explore, still with the flyer&base connection.
Trust yourself and your Acro Yoga partner, and the sky is the limit for how far you can reach.

About Ted Sikström
Born and raised in Stockholm, Ted started gymnastics at an early age. After graduating from the Royal Swedish Ballet school he worked in Sweden with Gothenburg Opera Ballet before moving to London.
The love for acrobatics was always strong, and after turning his attention towards contemporary dance he eventually found aerial circus. The combination of dance and acrobatics on a trapeze or a corde lisse allowed him to explore a new world of movement.
In 2012, in Toronto, Ted attended his first yoga classes and soon thereafter he started noticing the benefits of yoga.
In 2015 he started teaching at Antwerp Yoga.
The love for acrobatics hand balance in particular is still very strong, and with the combination ‘acrobat/dancer/circus performer’ and ‘yogi/yoga teacher’ it seemed only logical to start exploring acro yoga. Yet another world of movement.
Ted genuinely believes that “age is a number, not a reason to stop us from learning something new”.

Date/time: Saturday 07/05/2016 - 14:30-17:30
Address: AntwerpYoga, Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp
Price: 35 euro
Payment: BNP PARIBAS FORTIS Antwerpen
IBAN BE31 0017 6975 1155 - B IC GEBABEBB
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