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VALENTINE's PROMO WEEK From 10/2 till 14/2

That weekend, AntwerpYoga welcomes your beloved partners, friends, brothers, sisters,... extra warm-heartedly. 

Offer the perfect gift to your loved one or partner-for-one-day (friends, family, neighbour, everyone is welcome!); bring them to the yoga mat and you will both profit from

AntwerpYoga's special Valentine's promotions.


1. Unique booking promotion:
Subscribe per two for the Carlos Pomeda weekend workshop or for the Yoga & Healing Sound session with Elsie & Jean Bosco Safari .
80€/day for 2p. or 150€/weekend for 2p
40€ for 2p
(not for the Carlos Pomeda weekday workshops)

2. All classcards & memberships at 50%:
Purchase two class cards or memberships and get the least expensive one at 50% reduction. This is valid for ALL memberships (also yearly memberships ). 
ex. 2 X 10 class card for 165€ = 82,5€ each
yearly membership 750€ + 375€ : that's only 1.125€ for 2 years or 562€ pp for 1 year
(Only valid from Feb 10th 2016 5pm till Feb 14th 2016 7.45pm at the frontdesk.)    

3. Your invitee will exceptionally pay only 10€ for a single class or you can invite him/her on your personal classcard.
(valid only for the regular classes on 10,11,12,13,14/2/2016)

It's going to be a beautiful, red, hot, snuggly, sweet, gentle and above all a fiery and powerful Yoga-weekend!    

Dresscode: red is encouraged!