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Acro Yoga with Bart Adins and Christina Markouli

Bart Adins (B) & Christina Markouli (GR) Community and fun are what attracted Christina (GR) to AcroYoga. She comes from a rich movement background and fell in love with handstands and washing machines. Bart (BE) has always been involved in sports and now works as a bodyworker, movement coach and yoga teacher. He is fascinated by how movement can stimulate self-growth and harmony in life. They met on a beautiful day in Brussels and started playing and teaching together soon after.


09.30-12.30 Handstands and partner inversions Inversions are some of the most complete and beneficial yoga poses and they surely get even more fun when practised with friends! During this workshop we will explore handstands and basic partner inversions with the help of a fellow acroyogi as a spotter and/or base. You will be guided smoothly into easy handstand mounts that are accessible and safe for everyone who likes a little challenge.

While the first part of the workshop aims at infecting you with the "upside-down"virus, the second part will provide you with creative ways of being inverted on your friends' hands and feet.

14.00-17.00 Therapeutic flying Have you ever been massaged and stretched using gravity as a primary lengthening force? If the answer is yes you'll certainly want more, if the answer is no then this is your chance for the first and most blissful flight of your life! Therapeutic flying uses the tools and ancient wisdom of Thai Yoga massage taken from the mat into the air. Enjoy an afternoon of giving and receiving support through partner flying poses, sharing Metta -loving kindness-, learning compassionate touch, receptivity and communication. Expand and explore, giving the gift of flight as you lengthen, stretch and massage your friends in a playful way.

Date/time: Sunday 04/12/2016

Address: AntwerpYoga, Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp


Price: 1 session: 45 Euro full day: 80 Euro

Payment: IBAN BE31 0017 6975 1155 - BIC GEBABEBB

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