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Fascia in Yoga with Bart Adins

What is fascia and what does it have to do with yoga? Discover the invaluable role that fascia plays in the body's health and functioning.

Fascia can be found in and around muscles, in joint capsules, around organs, and in the form of ligaments and tendons. It is crucial in strength transfer and proprioception. Fascia forms a spider web under our skin and in deeper parts of the body. This spider web influences the way you move and can lead to pain if tension is not balanced. In this workshop you learn more about fascia and why it is so important. This understanding is based on scientific research and explored in your own body.

You will also learn how to make optimal use of your fascia: by moving in two directions you create both length and ease of movement. Creating length from the ground up, you will increase awareness by awakening hands, feet and sitting bones. From that stable base you will learn how to use direction to create length of fascia. This helps you move gracefully but also creates a safe position for joints.

Furthermore you will learn how to move from a perspective of opening instead of closing. Commonly we think of back or front bending as an action of folding or closing the body. If we instead change our focus to the parts that open, we move safely and find ease of movement.

Bart will use his background as a Rolfer to explain fascia and how it impacts your yoga practice. Based on yoga postures, you will explore and experience fascial connections in your body, helping you to deepen your practice and body awareness.

Bart Adins (B)
From an early age Bart has been fascinated by mind and body. Competitive sports were an important part of his youth and what also influenced his decision to pursue a Bachelor’s in Psychology in Ghent University. Throughout his next steps, his fascination lead him to Germany and Greece where he followed a European Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology specialized in Mindfulness. His graduation was followed by several trips to Asia to become a yoga teacher and study oriental massage techniques. During one of these travels he first heard about Rolfing ® and the interplay between movement and structural work immediately attracted him. After having gained sufficient experience in both fields, he felt that many of the movement schools lack tissue work and many of the structural schools miss movement education. This was why soon after, he moved to Munich where he completed the intensive format to become a Certified Rolfer (TM) in the European Rolfing Association. Besides working as a Rolfer, Bart also applies his background teaching Yoga and AcroYoga workshops.


Saturday December 17th
(1) 09.30 -12.30: What is Fascia and why does it matter?
(2) 14.00-17.00: It all starts with sitting and standing.

Sunday December 18th
(3) 09.30.-17.00: How to make optimal use of fascia in Asana.

Date/time: Saturday 17/12/2016 Sun 18/12/2016
Address: AntwerpYoga, Frankrijklei 107, 2000 Antwerp
one session (1,2 or 3): 45€
full day: 80€
weekend: 120€
Payment: IBAN BE31 0017 6975 1155 - BIC GEBABEBB
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