Adrienne Altenhaus


Adrienne Altenhaus discovered her love of movement and dance at the age of 12. She developed her skills as a dancer and choreographer in the dance world of New York City, where she founded and directed a modern dance company with Betsy Hulton in the 1980’s. She has been working as a dancer, performer, actress, film/videomaker and director’s assistant in theaters in the U.S. and in Europe for the last 40 years.

Adrienne started her yoga practice at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in NYC with David Life. Yoga became an inspirational source and a meaningful balance in her dancing and personal life. Connecting breath with movement, flow with stillness, flexibility with stability, strength with grace, have been her lifelong challenges. 

Since relocating to Europe in the 90’s, she continued her yoga practice with the study of Iyengar yoga in Rotterdam for 8 years. Since moving to Antwerpen, she broadened her yoga spectrum with ashtanga, vinyasa flow and yin at AntwerpYoga. Adrienne received her 300 hour teacher training certificate from Antwerpyoga and is thrilled to be a yoga teacher on the Antwerpyoga team. As a “foreigner” in Antwerpen, she has found her home among her fellow yogis at Antwerpyoga. Her annual urban yoga retreats to NYC have included classes with Sharath Jois at Eddie Stern’s AYNY studio in Brooklyn and at the Shala House in Manhattan. And in 2018 with Saraswati Jois in NYC!

Adrienne’s love of teaching and studying yoga have changed her life in many ways. Every day brings new insights into teaching and finding her path in yoga, observing herself and the world with curiosity and calm. She sees brilliance in each of the yogis attending her classes, all who have come to yoga from diverse backgrounds and motivations. Guiding them to cultivate their personal practice is Adrienne’s joy in life!